Continuous Insulation: Simplify Your Building Envelope

Robust solutions for cost-effective, code-compliant, comfortable spaces.

Continuous Insulation: Simplify Your Building Envelope

FSC Goals and Objectives:

To promote and expand the foam sheathing market by facilitating broader acceptance and appropriate use of foam sheathing products through comprehensive research and effective market education.

FSC’s focus is on delivering broad technical, educational and advocacy support with respect to codes and standards impacting foam sheathing by:

  • Providing relevant science through research reports.
  • Establishing a framework for code development. 
  • Providing timely technical support, which includes: review by professional engineers, code compliance evaluation reports, code interpretations and testing. 
  • Creating technology transfer and educational programs from the testing and research work to disseminate knowledge. 
  • Facilitating standards development—Develop drafts, as defined by FSC needs, to be promulgated through the ANSI standards development process.
  • Leveraging ACC’s strong national, state and local advocacy resources and capabilities.

FSC TAC Mission:

To advocate for and expand the foam sheathing market on the basis of  generally accepted  engineering practice. To monitor and offer information on technical matters, including standards, engineering policy, code development and enforcement procedures, research and testing and any other items affecting foam sheathing manufacturers as it relates to the manufacture and use of foam sheathing products. To provide a scientific perspective on how industry technical and engineering activities will affect the foam sheathing manufacturing industry and to develop practical engineering solutions.

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